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How to buy


SRCX contract:  0x454B90716a9435E7161a9AEa5Cf00e0aCBE565aE

New to Crypto? (start here)

Remember, crypto holds you accountable for your private keys. You are empowered to control your own funds so be responsible and backup your keys and passwords offline. Do not store passwords, mnemonic phrases, or private keys in Google Drive, emails, or a cloud service provider.

Do your own research on how you would like to safely store your private keys.

This is the easiest approach and is recommended for anyone that is new to crypto currencies.

1. Dowload Trust Wallet App and setup your account. BE SURE TO SAFELY RECORD YOUR PRIVATE KEY.

2. Purchase Smart Chain BNB with a credit card. You may have to approve this transaction with your bank.

3. In Trust Wallet, click on DApps, PancakeSwap and connect your wallet. If you see your BNB balance you are connected.

4. Click on the 2nd token, Cake by default, and paste the official SRCX contract to import SRCX.

5. Click on the Settings cog icon and set slippage to 5% or 7%

6. Enter the quantity you would like to purchase and press Swap, review and click Confirm Swap, Click Approve, Click Close. 

7. Your purchase is on-chain and safe. However, Trust wallet does not support SRCX in its app directly yet, so you will not see it listed with your BNB balance.

8. In Trust Wallet home dashboard, click the settings icon and scroll to the bottom, click "Add Custom Token". Change Network from "Ethereum" to Smart Chain. Paste the SRCX contract. Name: SRCX Symbol: SRCX Decimals: 9 (this should auto fill)

We recommend using a desktop going forward and you should proceed to import your TrustWallet key to MetaMask so you can have a more enjoyable Defi experience going forward and also be able to use the Source Marketplace.

9. Complete

Note: you may have to import the SRCX contract address into the MetaMask wallet manually to see your token balance. Just click import token, and paste the SRC contract address. Then click add token.

Own BTC or ETH? (start here)

Before starting, be sure to have Ethereum in your MetaMask wallet. If you are new to MetaMask visit to install the browser wallet extention. 

We recommend starting with USDC on the Ethereum network. Note, you will also need Smart Chain BNB for gas on the Binance network.

1. Send USDC to MetaMask or import your Ethereum wallet to a MetaMask account.

2. Connect Binance Smart Chain network to MetaMask. See tutorial below if you need help. 

3. Use to swap (Ethereum USDC) to (Binance USDC)

4. Now that you have USDC on the Binance Network (and BNB for gas), visit

5a. Connect your MetaMask to pancakeswap, change the top token from BNB to USDC. The USDC contract is:


5b. Change the bottom token to SRCX by pasting the official contract address: 

6. Set slippage to 5% or 7%, enter the quantity you want to buy and click swap. You will have to approve the transactions in MetaMask. Click add SRCX to MetaMask.

7. Complete

Binance Smart Chain Metamask Parameters:

​​Network Name: Smart Chain


ChainID: 56

Symbol: BNB

Block Explorer URL: 

For an extensive guide on how to connect MetaMask to Binance Smart Chain click HERE.

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