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Welcome to the Source Protocol

The Source protocol enables automatic participation in Defi marketplaces, daps, and liquidity pool yield farming networks
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Why is Source the strongest passive return investment in Crypto?

Source Protocol is the worlds first self funding asset backed auto compounding protocol. And one of the rare but true long term, constant

passive return crypto investments available today.

While every new defi presale opportunity has the ability to pump and deliver returns of 1x to 4x. It is very unlikly that any of them are sustainable beyond a quick

and risky attention demanding trade.

Source Protocol sets its self apart from these other projects with a unique and proprietary self funding asset backed auto compounding mechanism. Which then delivers dynamic constant value growing reflections to all holders. Month after year on into the future.


Thus making Source a zero effort investment to position and kick back and collect daily reflections. There is no better non speculative growth model in crypto period.


This simple compounding chart gives you a clear idea of the growth model of an auto funding asset pool.

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SOURCE LOGO 200X200.png
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