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Source Ecosystem Onboarding

Step 1. Install Metamask and Keplr Wallets

Set up your web 3.0 crypto wallets to secure your Source digital assets. Always remember, not your keys not your crypto.


Click here to set up

Click here to set up


Step 2. How to Purchase SRCX on Pancake Swap

Start passively earning DeFi rewards by the block and position yourself to maximize your Source Chain Airdrop coming Q1, 2023. 

Click Here to get started

Step 3. Sign Up for Source Members Dashboard

Create your unique profile within the Source community and participate in exclusive incentive programs.

Click here to Sign Up

Click here to Connect Wallets


Step 4. Prepare for the SOURCE chain Airdrop

Register your SRCX address to gain access to the Source blockchain airdrop.

Click here


If you followed the instructions above, you will now be a member of Source Protocol, have both a Metamask and Keplr Wallets, be at least a holder of SRCX, and be eligible for the upcoming SOURCE CHAIN Airdrop.

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