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Automate your participation in DeFi lending markets. Earn rewards by-the-block.


All of DeFi's benefits in one token

Source Token (SRCX) is Source Protocol’s first automated liquidity acquisition and DeFi market participation token built on Binance Smart Chain. Engineered to drive solvency and self-sustainability, SRCX rewards participants by-the-block with automated Loyalty and Yield Echoes.

Token Contract Address: 0x454B90716a9435E7161a9AEa5Cf00e0aCBE565aE

Start passively participating in DeFi markets today with one simple solution.

Source Token SRCX Logo - Automated DeFi Borrowing, Lending, Staking, Liquidity Pooling
Source Token (SRCX) is LIVE!
Yield Echoes*
  • 6% of every transaction is automatically sent to the SRCX - backed Dynamic Compound Liquidity Pool (DCLP) 

  • DCLP is automatically positioned into the most risk-averse and highest APY Blue Chip cryptos and stablecoins in the Source Marketplace (USDT, USDC, DAI, BTC, etc) 

  • Earned rewards are distributed to all SRCX holders in the form of Yield Echoes, allowing users to earn DeFi market interest via one token

Loyalty Echoes
  • In addition to Yield Echoes, 3% of all transactions are automatically redistributed to all SRCX holders by-the-block as Loyalty Echoes

  • The more SRCX you hold, the more you earn from the daily transaction volume (excludes centralized exchange volume)

  • With the combination of Loyalty Echoes and Yield Echoes, SRCX is designed to outperform standard liquidity token protocols

Solvent Growth
  • SRCX's Dynamic Compound Liquidity Pool (DCLP) holds and compounds a variety of blue chip crypto assets and stable coins, which continuously backs Source Marketplace and tokens within it

  • The pool grows with 6% of every transaction that occurs on the SRCX network

  • Users in smart contract lending positions within Source Marketplace also provide an additional layer of backing, creating a valuable and effective self-funding mechanism

Automatic Liquidity Acquisition
  • 1% of every transaction contributes toward automatically generating liquidity on Pancake Swap (Locked)

  • This enables automatic market maker transactions to occur and is designed to boost the growth of the liquidity pool pair over time, independent of other networks

Deflationary Burn Mechanism
  • The SRCX burn wallet is the largest holder of SRCX circulating supply

  • This allows it to receive the largest weight Loyalty Echoes, creating an effective and automated deflationary mechanism

  • These burned coins are gone forever as the burn wallet has no private keys


1. * Yield Echoes will not be live until after the Source Marketplace launches (estimated Q4 2022)

2. Centralized exchanges will not support or receive any Echo rewards. This encourages holding SRCX off of centralized exchanges.

Source Token's development combines the most powerful DeFi mechanisms within one solution. 

SRCX users immediately start earning automated rewards via DeFi Yield and Loyalty Echoes from the network. As volume increases and with value bridged to and from Source Marketplace, users benefit from an increasingly solvent network. 

scx logo.png

SRCX Smart Contract

SRCX's liquidity acquisition and reward distribution functions are automatically executed by the SRCX smart contract. As transaction volume increases, network fees will be automatically reduced at various milestones to incentivize even greater volume.


Automated DeFi earning
starts with SRCX

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