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Paul Regalado

Director of R&D

As head of research and development for CORE Network Technologies and, Paul has overseen the strategy & implementation of dividend-producing crypto portfolios and has become an expert in mining, staking, DeFi yield farming, liquidity participating, strategic borrowing, etc

cory profile.jpg

Cory Clinton


With over 15 years of experience in leading software development and computer networking teams, Cory specializes in Blockchain development, Smart Contract creation, and Decentralized App (DApp) development and management.  


Ben Gunn

Chairman & CEO

As founder at CORE Network Technologies and, Ben has actively managed technology teams, crypto funds, mining operations, and developed in-depth profitable strategy and protocols within the blockchain field for over 8 years.

jesse profile photo.jpg

Jesse Darnell


Jesse has been professionally active in blockchain tech since 2016 when he co-founded Crypto Collective. Jesse has worked with multiple consulting firms in diverse capital allocation, international business development and brand recognition projects.

jack profile.jpg

Jack Karger

Head of Strategy

Well versed in corporate development, strategy,  & marketing, Jack co-founded Crypto Collective where he advised early stage DeFi projects. He also drove international business development for a top UAV services provider and lead sales teams at a global IoT cybersecurity company. 

walter mello profile.jpeg

Walter Mello


A veteran of some of the largest traditional and alternative asset management firms in the world including BlackRock & Millennium Partners, Walter has over 15 years of portfolio and risk management experience combined with a Quant background.

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