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Decentralized Technology
Powering the New Global Economy 

Enterprises, developers and individuals use Source Protocol's sustainable and value backed tech suite to easily access, build and integrate Web 3.0 services on the blockchain. 

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A seamless, rewarding and secure blockchain ecosystem at your fingertips

Enterprise Grade DeFi-as-a-Service
for Businesses, Institutions and Governments


White Label DeFi Market Integration

Global Transaction Payment & Data Networks


Macro Economic Infrastructure Integrations

Liquidity Management & Partnerships


Network Validator Node Ownership and Leasing

Low Tx Fees & Scalable Infrastructure for Global Adoption

A ToolBox to Fuel Economic Innovation

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An efficient, scalable and interoperable smart chain network to create apps, smart contracts and tools for the Web 3.0 Economy. Secured for enterprise grade solutions.

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Automate your participation in Source One Market and earn Echo rewards by-the-block. DeFi for all.


A peer to peer non-custodial DeFi marketplace. Supply and borrow against your crypto assets. Withdraw at anytime. Always solvent.


Source One Market stablecoin backed and over collateralized by a hierarchy of blue chip crypto assets and stablecoins. 


A merchant processing and business solution utility token. Further development to be announced.

Build on Source's
Efficient, Scalable and Secure Blockchain

A public, permission-less blockchain network for global payments and all things decentralized. Enterprises, developers and individuals can utilize $SOURCE's infrastructure to create user-friendly apps, smart contracts and tools for Web 3.0, DeFi, NFTs, and more.

Source Block Explorer (testnet)

Become a Validator

Source Protocol Logo - Automated DeFi Borrowing, Lending, Staking, Liquidity Pooling

Coming soon

Create a Wallet

Source Protocol Logo - Automated DeFi Borrowing, Lending, Staking, Liquidity Pooling

Coming soon

Non-Custodial Digital Asset Management Solutions for Lending, Borrowing, Passive Earning, and More

Source's decentralized money market, Source One, enables individuals, corporate treasuries, endowments, small businesses, and more to earn interest and access instant liquidity with ease. All while maintaining full control of their assets.


Users of SRCX benefit from an efficient and solvent global payment network with direct integration into Source One and sustainable network reward mechanisms.


Borrow, de-risk and hedge with USX, a stable coin backed and over-collateralized by a variety of assets within Source One Money Market. 


Learn more

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The Latest Feature Releases and Product Updates


Future-Proof Your Business Today

Unlock the potential of your operations with efficient, secure, low-cost, and highly scalable blockchain infrastructure. Discover how enterprise blockchain solutions can be integrated with your business, straight from the Source.

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