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future of web3

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Building limitless enterprise applications on a secure and sustainable global network


Build on SOURCE's
efficient, scalable, and secure blockchain network

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Source Protocol Logo - Automated DeFi Borrowing, Lending, Staking, Liquidity Pooling

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Source Protocol Logo - Automated DeFi Borrowing, Lending, Staking, Liquidity Pooling

Enterprise Grade Web3 Solutions
for Businesses, Institutions and Governments

A public, permission-less blockchain network for global payments and all things web3. Enterprises, developers and individuals can utilize SOURCE's infrastructure to create user-friendly apps, smart contracts, and tools for web3, real world asset tokenization, NFTs, and more.


Enterprises, developers, and individuals are empowered to use SOURCE's sustainable and value backed network to easily access, build, and integrate web3 applications and services. Our mission is to create a new web3 global ecosystem that is efficient, secure, and self sustaining by capturing continuous value growth and by maximizing the integration of global networks. 

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Build limitless applications

Why build on the
SOURCE network?

- Rust smart contracts with CosmWasm

- High throughput (2,500 - 10,000 TPS)
- Fast near-instant transactions

- Affordable gas

- Guardian Node Governance System

- Unmatched security

- Value-Backing

- Global Accessibility

Business Solutions

- Efficiency and cost savings

- Seamless white-label integration

- Unmatched security

- Full Stack Support

- Regulatory Compliance

- Fraud Prevention

- Global Accessibility

- Reduce Overhead

What are web3 business solutions?

There are countless applications and business solutions that can be utilized with the power of web3. This technology can be used to create and build innovated and efficient solutions for various business needs. These solutions leverage the blockchain, smart contracts, NFTs, and more to address limitations of traditional centralized systems. These solutions help reduce fraud, lower costs, and improve efficiency of business operations which all have a direct impact on an organization's bottom line

Here are just a few examples of web3 business solutions:

- Supply Chain Management.  For end to end transparency, traceability, and validation

- Digital Identity. For full control over personal data

- Tokenization and NFTs. For fractional ownership, increased liquidity, and more efficient asset trading

- Decentralized Governance. For transparent and inclusive community voting mechanisms

- Web3 Gaming. For enhanced gaming experiences, play to earn, and player ownership of in-game assets

- Digital Advertising. For providing revenue sharing models between advertisers and content creators

- Insurance and Risk Management. For streamlining insurance processes by automating claims, validating data, and providing transparent and auditable records. This reduces fraud, lowers costs, and improves the efficiency of insurance operations

Source (SOURCE) - The gas and governance token for the SOURCE network

SOURCE is a standalone, layer 1, proof-of-stake blockchain, based in the Cosmos Hub IBC ecosystem (the Interchain). SOURCE has been built with Ignite CLI (formerly Starport), which utilizes the Tendermint BFT consensus mechanism (Ignite) and the Cosmos SDK. This enables interoperable transactions with other layer 1 Cosmos Hub blockchains and creates a developer-friendly platform to build on top of.

With SOURCE, everyone has access to a highly efficient, scalable and interoperable blockchain network to create apps, smart contracts, and tools for the Web 3.0 Economy. Developers, enterprises and individuals can build, integrate and use everything from DeFi apps, NFTs, play-to-earn, metaverse, privacy networks, DeSci, and much more.

Source Protocol Logo -web3 business solutions

An efficient, scalable and interoperable smart chain network to create apps, smart contracts and tools for the Web 3.0 Economy. Secured for enterprise grade solutions.


Source X (SRCX) - The automated network reward token for community participation 

source X - srcx logo

Automated network reward token on the Binance Smart Chain. Earn rewards by-the-block. Participate in exclusive SOURCE activities and events. 

SRCX is currently on the Binance Smart Chain and will be used to capture transaction volume on other networks and bring it into SOURCE.

This gives SOURCE greater exposure and broader access to a vast network of EVM ecosystems.

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Future-Proof Your Business Today

Unlock the potential of your operations with efficient, secure, low-cost, and highly scalable web3 blockchain infrastructure. Discover how enterprise blockchain solutions can be integrated with your business, straight from SOURCE.

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