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Building limitless enterprise applications on a secure and sustainable global network



Deploy SourceSwap, Q2

  • SourceSwap is a necessary native swap infastructure.

  • 65M Source Liquidity Mining Rewards initiated.

  • launch wrapped SRCX pool on SourceSwap

  • BUX dollar pegged token launch 

GIVBUX App Integration Q2 or Q3

  • SOURCE will be live on the GivBux app allowing users to spend crypto and donate to charity with no added cost at over 100,000 retailers nationwide.

BASE Finance Integration Q2 and Q3

  • Banking app for the non-banked in the world.

  • The app allows Account Opening, Payments, Deposits, and Card Issuing, Lending and Buy now, Pay Later

  • Coupled with SOURCE’s Defi-as-a-Service

  • US and LatAm Q2, Q3 2024, India Q4 - Q1 2025

Deploy Source NFT Market, Q4

  • SOURCE NFT market will allow for tokenization of real world assets and more.

Deploy Source Defi Market, 2025

  • peer to peer borrowing and lending, personal loans, and more

Deploy SourceWorld Metaverse, 2025

Raising Capital

  • 25M to 50M Round A raise in progress, (closing Q1)

Trading / Marketing Campaign

  • Strategy and process being worked on with same marketing firm that promoted SHIB and many others


  • We will continue to bring partners into the SOURCE ecosystem and launch partner applications.

Partner App Development

Exchange and Metrics Site Listings

  • List to CoinGecko (completed)

  • List on Osmosis (completed)

  • List to Coin Market Cap 

  • Additional Metrics Listings

Website Updates

  • The website will continue to be improved

  • Add SOURCE t-shirts, hats, and schwag for purchase

The roadmap is subject to change at any time and is being offered to the SOURCE Force community for information on development plans, and in order to inspire ideas and creative contributions. 

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