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SOURCE Native Applications: The foundation behind the SOURCE ecosystem and the best blockchain utility web3 applications

The four native applications launching on SOURCE blockchain network
The four native applications launching on SOURCE blockchain network

Setting the Foundation of the SOURCE ecosystem: There are currently four exciting native applications coming to the SOURCE blockchain. SOURCEswap, SOURCEfi, SOURCEmarket, and SourceWorld, these applications will all be built to provide a secure and scaleable transaction infrastructure for the SOURCE ecosystem and additional web3 applications. These applications will allow SOURCE to power limitless applications on a secure and sustainable global network.

The applications will be governed and powered by the $SOURCE blockchain network tokens. The SOURCE community will be able to submit governance proposals to upgrade and make changes to these applications. This puts the power in the hands of the community to guide improvements and implement additional features.

White Label Business Solutions: These applications will be accessible on a global scale, additionally many enterprise applications can integrate with any or all of these apps as white-labelled products into their own web3 business models. White labeling creates opportunity for businesses to increase the functionality, accessibility, and security of their own native products without requiring the complex management and infrastructure of running their own blockchain. It also allows them to take advantage of and leverage the entire SOURCE and Cosmos ecosystem if needed. SOURCEswap will provide SOURCE partners and businesses with access to liquidity, assets, stablecoins and more. Real world assets can be tokenized and swapped as needed with low fees, and near instant finality. For example, a partner will be able to white-label the functionality of SOURCEswap into their own web3 application and utilize their own branding so that the user interaction is a smooth and streamlined experience. SourceWorld™ will provide a social hub and access point to the vast opportunities, web3 games, and experiences that will become possible as additional partners are on-boarded into the SOURCE ecosystem. Valhalla Racetrack and Resort, 2TG Entertainment games, and more will provide opportunities and gamefied experiences in the metaverse that will incentivise further connection and experiences in the real world. SOURCEmarket and SOURCEfi will be discussed in further detail as development progresses.

Leverage of IBC and Cosmos: We are very excited about the future of the Cosmos ecosystem and the many opportunities it will produce. While the SOURCE team is focused on building native applications, business partners are also being lined up and established. It's not just about building web3 applications, but the power and leverage IBC can provide for business solutions is the real game changer. Web3 applications no longer have to solely rely on applications and technology isolated to a single blockchain. With IBC the infrastructure and ability to leverage the utility of several blockchains is now a reality. We are already eyeing or executing solutions using this strategy with Planq, Akash, Osmosis, and Secret network. And of coarse many more possibilities are on the horizen.

We are seeing this in action with our reward token "Source - X" $SRCX, a bep-20 Binance Smart Chain token that is now accessible on SOURCE and is now IBC capable thanks to Planq $PLQ network and Deltaswap. Interoperability allows the liquidity of the SRCX token to move from BINANCE to SOURCE to the rest of the Cosmos ecosystem. This creates opportunities for exposure in more markets, swaps, and various app chains and defi protocols. It also allows SOURCE to have exposure as a wrapped EVM token in the Binance ecosystem, one of the largest volume ecosystems in all of crypto.

We are just scratching the surface of innovation for all the amazing opportunities this technology will provide. The foundation behind the SOURCE ecosystem and the best blockchain utility web3 applications being deployed are just the beginning.

Stay informed and don't miss out on all the excitement!

Disclaimer: This blog article is for informational and entertainment purposes only and should not be considered financial advice. Please do your own research before making any investment decisions.

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