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The Future of RWA's is Here: Real-World Assets Tokenized on SOURCE Blockchain Network

Updated: May 3

a digital city in SOURCEworld
real world asset tokenization on SOURCE

The Future of RWA's is Here: Real-World Assets Tokenized on SOURCE Blockchain Network.

The world of asset trading and investing is being revolutionized by blockchain technology. With the SOURCE blockchain, real-world assets (RWAs) like real estate, art, stocks, bonds and commodities can now be tokenized into secure and liquid digital assets that can be easily traded and fractionalized globally.

What are Tokenized Real-World Assets?

Tokenizing refers to the process of converting rights to an asset into a secure digital representation on the blockchain. This digital token can then be traded, transferred or subdivided with the same rights, ownership and economic value as the underlying real-world asset it represents.

This has incredible potential to unlock trillions of dollars worth of assets that have historically been illiquid or difficult to trade and divide up ownership. From commercial real estate, to precious metals/commodities, to company shares, to valuable art - anything of value can now be tokenized, fractionalized and traded with ease.

The Power of SOURCE for RWA Trading

SOURCE is a next-generation blockchain purpose-built for asset tokenization with unique capabilities. The following will be made possible due to the extensive partnerships and business development relationships fostered on SOURCE:

- Asset Issuance: Easily create and issue tokens representing any type of real-world asset

- Compliance: Built-in regulatory compliance features for assets subject to rules like securities laws

- Liquidity: Global peer-to-peer trading of tokenized assets with low fees and 24/7 access

- Interoperability: Trade tokenized assets across different blockchains, exchanges and applications as SOURCE integrates and connects with other IBC capable blockchains

But perhaps the biggest advantage of SOURCE is its ability to create customized, white-labeled trading applications and platforms for any type of asset class or market.

White-Label Markets and Apps Powered by SOURCE

With SOURCE's technology, any company, exchange or asset issuer can create their own branded trading platform, exchange or liquidity pool for their specific tokenized assets. These could include:

- Real Estate Markets: Fractional investment and trading in commercial/residential properties

- Commodity Exchanges: Trading of tokenized commodities like precious metals or agricultural goods

- Private Securities Markets: Trading of private company shares, funds or other securities

- Collectibles Markets: Buy/sell/trade of tokenized art, collectibles, digital assets and more

This allows specialized RWA markets and trading experiences to seamlessly integrate tokenized assets right into existing platforms, user experiences and workflows. It enables any asset class to take advantage of the benefits of blockchain-based asset tokenization.

The future of trading is multi-asset, globally accessible, tokenized RWAs. Tokenized real-world assets have incredible potential to unlock massive amounts of previously immobilized value. They will reshape how all types of assets are invested in, traded, and accessed globally. Imagine a world in which anyone, anywhere can afford to invest in previously inaccessible real estate, new businesses, special projects and build their own personalized, fractional investment portfolio. Now take this a step further with AI managed portfolios. The potential opportunities

SOURCE's blockchain is making this future a reality by providing the scalable infrastructure, tools and white-label platforms to bring RWA trading into the experience of any company, exchange, individual, or market. SOURCE already has business partners that recognize this opportunity, who are currently building their applications.

The trading world is being reconstructed for the era of tokenization, and SOURCE is leading the way in powering the future of multi-asset investing and liquidity. What could a world of globally accessible and liquid asset markets mean for you?

4/19/24 Friday Update: 1. The new Cosmos partner will be co announced on Monday of next week. The tech integration has been ongoing for the past 2 weeks and full deployments may take another 2 to 4 weeks. To give an idea for the significance of this integration, this tech is also being utilized by Axelar, Archway, Atom, Noble, and Celestia. This is great company for SOURCE to be included in and a great tech integration.

2. RWA Advanced Fractional Investment Technology Platform partnership has been worked on and established all week through several meetings and discussions. Developments are still very early but it will be very exciting to see this platform come to fruition as it will be powered by the SOURCE blockchain network. That's all for this update, stay tuned as BIG web3 developments continue to cook on SOURCE!


If you are new to $SOURCE you may have an #airdrop from staking $ATOM. Simply connect Keplr to the SOURCE blockchain, tokens were automatically distributed. Last snapshot - February 2023. SOURCE main-net launch was October 13, 2023. Add SOURCE to Keplr using the chain registry HERE.

There are many more great things coming for #SOURCE, be sure to join our Discord or Telegram and interact with our great community. #SourceForce

Thanks for tuning in, and we will see you in the next post!

Stay informed and don't miss out on all the excitement!

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Disclaimer: This blog article is for informational and entertainment purposes only and should not be considered financial advice. Please do your own research before making any decisions with your tokens.

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