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Economic Model of the SOURCE Blockchain's Sustainable and Value Backed Ecosystem Compared to Zero Point Energy

The theoretical concept of Zero Point Energy (ZPE), a system in which it is believed could be used to harness unlimited and sustainable energy was first introduced over 100 years ago by Nikola Tesla. Unfortunately, modern science has not been able to produce a working system or machine utilizing ZPE for public consumption, but the possibility for it to be acheived one day remains. What better technology to change the world than free sustainable clean energy? That said, is there a way to utilize the concepts of ZPE and apply them to blockchain? What better technology to change the world than a sustainable value capturing blockchain ecosystem? (This mission of SOURCE) While this may be a complex contrast and comparison, there are many parallels to ZPE that exist throughout the architecture of the SOURCE ecosystem, this write up will attempt to creatively explore how the fundamentals of ZPE are aligned with the economic infrastructure of the SOURCE ecosystem. Disclaimer. I am not a physicist or an economist, and this should be taken as opinion and entertainment. However, there are serious design and architecture elements discussed about the intent and possible implications this model may have on a large scale.

zero point energy cycles
Zero Point Energy Maths

As you can see from the animation above, there is an infinite loop of repeatable mathematical cycles that result in the manifestation of the "zero point", the glowing yellow burst at the intersection and completion of one cycle following the doubling math of 1,2,4,8,7,5. Without getting too much into the complexities of ZPE and for the purposes of this comparison, we can look at 3 and 6 as the "input catalysts" that allow the doubling effect cycles to initiate. Once the inputs are executed, the cycle begins as follows 1*2=2, 2*2=4, 4*2=8, 8*2= 16 which reduces to 1+6=7, 7*2=14 again reducing to 1+4=5, 5*2=10 and finally reducing back to 1+0=1. The cycle completes harnessing the ZPE and releasing it to be consumed "output". Excess energy from a cycle can be stored for later or recycled back into the next cycle that is again catalyzed by the 3 and 6 ("inputs"). For this anylysis 3 and 6 are merely inputs that are able to create a force of energy transfer and magnetism of alternating polarities. This is compareable to economic value transfer in the markets, or simply put, the energy transfer of buying and selling of assets. 9 is the sum of 3+6 and provides the opposite polarity that stabalizes the system and allows the completion of a cycle. It allows the zero point energy to be harnessed and captured into output. Without getting into polarity and magnetism, and for the purpose of this comparison, the factor of 9 is what creates an experience that can be exectued on as a result of oppotunity from the "inputs". So in other words... making a purchase, capturing of revenue/value, taking a profit, compounding, etc. any executable action within the system. All of these actions allow for the completion of energy transfer from which a subsequent cycle can continue to emerge. Add in the record/validation of data from this energy produced by the inputs and outputs in addition to the repeatability and predictability of each cycle and you have a system that is very comparable to the function of a blockchain / distributed ledger technology. How does any of this relate to blockchain and more specifically SOURCE? Let's see what is revealed as this continues to be analyzed futher. When comparing the Zero Point Energy model and its components with the architechture of the SOURCE ecosystem, there is a profound metaphorical comparison that emerges.

zero point energy economics concept drawing
my brain trying to figure out how this all connects

It breaks down in the following way by analyzing the variables of both systems. With ZPE you have cycles, frequency, transferability, validation, inputs, outputs, redundancy, trustless-ness, sustainability, and global/cosmic accessability. It is essentially an advanced technology infrastructure that can power limitless applications... well that sounds very familiar to me as the tagline on the landing page is "Building limitless enterprise applications on a secure and sustainable global network". Now after making the scribble scrabble image above, it was very clear that a concise comparison is found in the fundamentals of both systems. When sorting through the parallels of these two systems and cleaning it up a bit in illustrator, the following comparison emerged:

an image with fancy things
Zero Point Energy SOURCE economic model

Our mission and vision for SOURCE is to create a sustainable and value backed ecosystem powered by web3 application infrastructure, a little bit of creativity, automated systems and processes, and strong revenue generating fundamentals. Whether or not this is truly zero point energy manifestation at work in the quatum realms of the internet and web3 will remain to be seen, and only time will tell. All the pieces of this complex dynamic are assembling and coming together as we continue moving forward. One day this machine will be fully operational with limitless web3 applications running 24/7/365 and we will truly see what the capabilities are. Please consider this as a fun "conceptualizing" of these two concepts and hopefully it provides some insight, entertainment, or at the very least, thought provoking material for those of you that are looking to learn more about what we are building on SOURCE. Thanks for tuning in! and will see you in the next post. Stay informed and don't miss out on all the excitement!


Disclaimer: This blog article is for informational and entertainment purposes only and should not be considered financial advice. Please do your own research before making any investment decisions.

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